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Israeli Film Festival Philadelphia premiere screening+Q&A with Director Anat Zalmanson Kuznetsov

A review in the Jewish Exponent: "In her documentary Operation Wedding, Anat Zalmanson Kuznetzov provides a moving, deeply human telling of her parents’ story, in which — unlike a 2010 Russian film interpretation — her parents are not terrorists."

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Saturday, March 11

Getting ready for the screening


Marina Furman came to pick me p for a dinner before the screening. Marina, former famous refusnik and now JNF Executive Director, Eastern PA and Southern NJ, first took me to a Soviet Jewry Forest monument: there are not many of those. So far I only found three


People will soon arrive. A good time to take a picture with the lovely festivals organizers Have and Cindy


People are seated and Marvin Verman gives his remarks, too bad I didn't catch it on video it was very powerful! Marvin helped bring to film in Philadelphia and he was one of the major activits in the 70's to free Soviet Jewry. Thank you Marvin!

Marina Furman also gave her remarks, watch the video:


"A bottle (of Vodka) a day, keeps the doctor away"

(Edward Kuznetsov, 2015 Operation Wedding) Vodka pouring like water in the film, and the Furman family came with pickles and vodka to toast for the film's future success after Philadelphia premiere.

Another interesting fact about Lev Furman - he was offered to join the original escape plan: which including 64 people in a bigger plane, he agreed right away! The Leningrad group changed their minds and so the Riga group continued the plan without them, though Lev would have been happy to join the Riga group!

But that's another story...

Sunday, March 12

Finally some time to see the city...

Tomorrow I'm leaving home and I'll be back in May!

Toronto-Philadelphia-NYC-NJ-Detroit-Washington DC


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