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סבב במאית סתיו 2017 - מבצע חתונה

מקדוניה - לטביה - שיקגו - ניו יורק - אונטוריו - פילדלפיה - לוס אנג'לס

September 2017


Proud to show Operation Wedding at Macedonia 38 Touch the Light - International Cinematographers' Film Festival MANAKI BROTHERS. Co presented with Israeli Embassy.

October 19 2017


Operation Wedding chosen to be the opening film at Israeli Film Days festival in Riga.

Usually I travel alone for Operation Wedding screenings, but this time my mother joined me for special premiere screenings events in Riga: the city where my mother grew up, the prison were she was at a few month before sent to Gulag and probably

the most memorable scene from the film.

Picture credit: Krists Luhaers

The first screening was for press and historians at Riga's KGB prison: where the most memorable scene in the documentary (also featured in the trailer) was filmed in 2015, where my mother was imprisoned in 1970. Today the prison became the Museum of Occupation in Latvia, in the center of Riga.

In just one day we we've had 4 articles, 3 TV appearances & 1 radio show

Pictures credit: Krists Luhaers

Thank you Israel Embassy in Latvia, for hosting us

and Operation Wedding!

October 19, 2017: Operation Wedding was presented in a private screening of the Israeli Embassy and the opening film at "Israel Film Days" festival in Riga!

Photos by Krists Luhaers

After 3 screenings in Riga, Latvian TV (LTV) had broadcast Operation Wedding with Latvian subtitles.

October 27 2017


A wonderfulstart for USA tour in Chicago. Sold out cinema and won audience choice award for Best Documentary!

Cindy Stern, the director of Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema took me and other Israeli guest filmmakers on a sight seeing tour of Chicago. Thank you Cindy for everything!

October 31, 2017


This was the 5th NYC screening. The only date available was Halloween but still we were sold out!

Co-presented with

After NY's screening, a lovely women gave me this bracelet with my dad's name on it. She wore that for many years until he was released in 1979 and kept it safe until October 2017 where she gave it to me. Thank you Channa Lermang.

November 4, 2017


Vaughan is near Toronto where we showed the film last spring. This screening was with Russian and English subtitles for Russian speaking community.

November 8, 2017


Chevra, a group for Jewish professionals & grad students in their 20's & 30's, hosted a red carpet event to open Chevra Cinema with Operation Wedding. Full house, open bar and lovely people. Thank you Guy Moshe for help making this happen!

Pictures by Sasha Aleiner

November 11, 2017


On the same date of Operation Wedding L.A. premiere screening, there was an AFI event, Federation event and Israeli Film festival yet still we had a great turnout at Museum of Tolerance co presented with RuJu-LA!

We were honored to host State Senator Robert M. Herzberg,

and major Soviet Jewry Freedom activists Zev Teruslvsky and Ed Robin.

Jerusalem post: Nov 14

■ IF PRESIDENT Reuven Rivlin had arrived in Los Angeles two days earlier, he would have had the opportunity to see the jointly sponsored screening at the Museum of Tolerance of the documentary film Operation Wedding, whose Los Angeles premiere on Saturday night was cosponsored by the Museum of Tolerance and RuJu-LA and the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, in partnership with the Genesis Philanthropy Group and the Jewish Agency for Israel. Read more


L.A. was the final stop of the tour. I'm now home, showing the film in Israel and planning USA tour #4+5. Got addicted...

November 12, 2017


Well, I wasn't there (with the time difference it was actually on the same time as L.A. screening) but I was happy to hear in was a good event. First time showing in Asia!

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